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February 2014

Peterson Industries Unveils 2nd "Door-in-Slide" Floorplan

Peterson Industries seems to be on a roll with innovations as of late.  

With the overwhelming (but not so surprising) success of our Winslow D37SDF, featuring an industry 1st walk-in door built into the slide-out room, we are set to unveil our 2nd unit with this amazing feature, a Limited L36SDM.  

We will be doing a live webcast from Hampton, VA. at 4:30pm Eastern time (3:30 central) on Friday, March 14. Excel President, Bryan Tillett will host this telecast live from the Hampton Roads Convention Center.

"We are super excited to offer another floorplan with the walk-in door in the slide."  stated Bryan.  "We have put a lot of thought into this model, just as we did the 37SDF.  It's important to us that we design the entire floorplan around this feature and not just take existing models and move the door to the slide just for the sake of novelty."

Settles RV, Flint Hill, VA is offering this new floorplan at the 10th Annual Virginia RV show running March 14 - 16 in Hampton, VA.  During the show, Peterson Industries is teaming up with Settles RV for an 8:30am Sunday breakfast gathering of our Mid-Atlantic Excel Club.

This unit will be a sneak preview of our 2015 models which will be coming out early summer and feature new amenities such as multi-plex wiring, standard MCD shades, slam latches on access doors, a larger bedroom as well as an additional closet built into the bedroom slide.  This unit will also be sporting a new lusturous full body paint color with double clear coat coming in 2015.

To watch the live web feed of this new model unveiling, go to our website and click on the "Breaking News" tab on the left of the home page.

Big $aving$ Opportunity

If you're thinking of a new Winslow 5th wheel and would like to save some money (and who wouldn't?) then you might be interested in a 2014 D34IKE factory demonstrator.

This unit will be available in Mid-April.  Currently being used by P.I. Chairman, Vaughn & Duana Peterson.  They will be returning from South Texas in early April.  The D34IKE is our #1 selling floorplan for 2013 & 2014!  This unit has never been titled and will come with full factory warranty. 

*** If you can live with a knick here and a slight ding there for a chance to$ave Big *** Call Marlene at Peterson Industries today (800-368-3759)! She will get you together with your nearest Excel dealer to make you a great deal on this coach.    This unit won't last long!  <<MSRP>>

The Best Access Door Getting Even Better 

We are proud to announce another improvement slated to begin when we flip the switch for our 2015 model Excel Limited and Winslow 5th wheels later this year.

We have begun testing what might be one of the finest slam latches for access doors on any towable.  These new latches are finished with a flat black powder coat for a luxurious look.  There is no plastic on these latches like you see on many of our competitor's units.  

Another thing we like about the latch is that we aren't compromising the integrety of the aluminum door frame.  Also, as the door closes, the striker does not touch the rubber bulb seal, which  causes premature deterioration of the seal on other brands.

An additional feature that you will appreciate is that these latches don't use the standard #751 access door key like found on the majority of RVs in the campground, keeping others from using their baggage door key to gain access into your Excel.

Peterson Industries takes pride that we build the thickest and best access door available.  Now with our new slam latch system, we think you'll agree our next generation access doors are second to none.

The End of an Era... Again

After reviving them for a few years, Peterson Industries will roll it's last travel trailer off the line in March.  

Excel exited the travel trailer market in 1996.  During the deepest part of the recession we decided to diversify our product line-up so we set out to re-invent the travel trailer market by designing the first "basement model" travel trailer.  In 2010, the Winslow series travel trailer was born, featuring over 120 cubic feet of basement storage.

The trailer had a real 5th wheel feel inside.  In fact, the layout was designed after one of our most popular 5th wheel floorplans at the time, the D31RLE.  We eventually created two additional floorplans, that also mirrored our most popular 5th wheel models.

Enjoying only marginal success, (mainly due to it's price and weight) we could not generate enough orders to create "runs".  So each ordered unit would require re-tooling our jigs and templates for only one unit, then tooling back again.  "The unit really never got out of "prototyping" stage" slated Bryan Tillett, President.  "Each time we built one we found ways to redesign it and build the next one a little different and a little better.  Since we need to focus our line-up to around 30 models, we feel we can better utilize our energy toward keeping our 5th wheel line-up fresh and exciting."

We hate to see the era of Peterson Industies' travel trailers come to an end again, but we feel this will help us keep our 5th wheel innovation even more exciting.  And of course, we will honor full warranty and completely service each of the units currently in service.

Help Us Reach Our Facebook Goal

We are trying to reach our goal of 1,000 "likes" on our Facebook page.  We are currently up to around 600, so when you visit, don't forget to click our "like" button.

We are having a blast!  And so will you... We have surveys, give-aways, and keep you informed with previews of new product and innovation going on within our company.

You'll see pictures of our newest Excel family members as well as see who builds your coach.  What a great way to communicate with our Excel family members.  It's so easy to keep you posted on what's going on in Excel-land.  We plan to keep our FB page lighthearted and timely.

To see what we've been up to,  click here, or go to www.facebook/excelrvs.  And please remember to "Like us".  Especially like our main page.  We're trying to to reach our first milestone of 1,000 "likes".

So, come join us today!

Winter Texas Excel Owner's Luncheon

There's nothing like getting together and having fellowship with other Excel family members.  Of course, many of Excel's people race to Texas to get out of the inclement binds of winter.

Nearly every year the group gets together for a luncheon in the "Valley" and this year is no exception.  Ya'll are invited so here are the details.

Where:      Echo Hotel 1903 Clonser, Edinburg, TX, 

When:       Feb 20, 2014 11:00 til 2:00
Lunch:      $12.50 including lunch, drink and tip. Pay at the door

Good time to met old Excel friends and maybe make some new ones.

Call or Email Steve or Dan ( for Head count only)

Steve Benton 608 -214 0100
Dan Henry 903-513- 9379the holidays.