Our unbeatable warranty lets you focus on the business of enjoying your Excel.

Excel’s 2-Year Limited Warranty covers defects of materials or faulty workmanship of the steel frame, wood structure, laminated sidewalls, roof, and other parts and assemblies manufactured by Peterson Industries, Inc., for two full years after the original purchase of your Excel unit. It’s our solid promise that your Excel is built to last, and provide you with worry-free performance, mile after exciting mile.*

*Equipment and appliances that are not made by Peterson Industries, Inc., are covered by the warranty of their respective manufacturers. See your dealer for complete explanation of product warranties.

Minus 10 Degree GuaranteeExcel’s Minus Ten Degree Guarantee is confident assurance that your holding tanks, water tanks, interior water lines and other essential plumbing will not freeze in temperatures or wind chills down to minus ten degrees Fahrenheit! This guarantee applies to models titled 2008 and newer. Optional thermo-pane windows must be installed, and the furnace must be in operation for guarantee to be in effect.

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